NVIDIA 302.80 Windows 8 Release Preview Display Driver

Started by Stefan, June 14, 2012, 06:13:40 PM

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QuoteToday we posted NVIDIA display driver 302.80 for Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview. This driver offers full support for the new Windows 8 display driver model WDDM 1.2 for NVIDIA Geforce and ION GPUs. You may download the driver by choosing from the URL's below:

For Windows 8 Release Preview Desktop 32-bit

For Windows 8 Release Preview Desktop 64-bit

Please note: Notebook Windows 8 Release Preview display drivers for Geforce GPUs will be available for download tomorrow, 6/15/12 from NVIDIA.com.

Release Notes
Control Panel Users Guide

NVIDIA recommends closing all open Desktop and Metro applications before you proceed to install this driver.

Please provide feedback on these drivers here

As aforementioned R302 nukes AMD's LEO