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AMD APP SDK 2.7 supports development of applications using the OpenCL Specification v 1.2. As all OpenCL 1.1 APIs are Zupported within OpenCL 1.2, you also can develop OpenCL 1.1-compliant applications.

For SDK 2.7, the following values are returned when querying strings from OpenCL:

                          CL_PLATFORM_VERSION: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (build.revision)
                          CL_PLATFORM_NAME: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
                          CL_PLATFORM_VENDOR: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

                      •   Check the Platform Vendor string, not the Platform Name, to determine AMD hardware. For
                          example code that shows how to check and use the CL_PLATFORM_VENDOR string, see the
                         AMD APP v2 Samples.

Supported Devices

                      The following table shows the devices supported by the current version of the AMD APP SDK,
                      as well as the computing features they support. (* = beta only.)

                       Product Line                   Card                                                Compute Kernel
                                                                                   Double-Precision           (Shader)

                       AMD APU Family with AMD        R-464L with HD 7660                 Yes                     Yes
                       Radeon™ HD                     R-460H with HD7640                  Yes                     Yes
                                                      R-272F with HD 7520                 Yes                     Yes
                                                      R-268D with HD 7420                 Yes                     Yes
                                                      R460L with HD 7620                  Yes                     Yes
                                                      R-452L with HD 7600                 Yes                     Yes
                                                      R-260H with HD 7500                 Yes                     Yes
                                                      R-252F with HD 7400                 Yes   ...

Some AMD APP SDK samples also run with IntelOpenCL (you find the latest runtimes in Intel HD Graphics Driver v2729)


Thanks for all the goodies! But latest Intel OpenCL Runtime is in the 2712 driver. The beta 2729 has an older one (2011-11-19 for 2729 vs 2012-03-22 for 2712). You could check also in the versions (29xxx vs 31xxx).


Thanks for the info, looks like Intel pulled 2712 from their servers? You can get it still here.

AMD updated their site: some samples have now OpenCL 1.2 infos

They screwed up some links: if you catch an old sample, change the path like this


I believe it has something to do with this?
It has been reported also on egur's quicksync forum and confirmed by others. Haven't got the chance to install those drivers, but I have a copy of them and it seems that MediaSDK is not present in the original folder, like the rest of drivers do. But the OpenCL can be found on Intel's SDK page: as OpenCL CPU Runtime. Even they have different checksum, inside are the same files as in 2712 drivers. Probably compression method or different readme.