OpenGL ES 2.0 and EGL on desktop, updated

Started by Stefan, March 14, 2012, 07:13:49 PM

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QuoteFollowing a surprizing amount of feedbacks, I have updated the entire post accordingly. Thanks for contributing!

There is a lot of reasons for OpenGL ES 2.0 on desktop but I especially like to picture it by "for the purpose of convergence". This includes computers, tablets and mobile phones but also the web through WebGL which is pretty much a Javascript binding of OpenGL ES 2.0. In practice we can imagine that it would be a great to be able to port directly a mobile phone game to a desktop platform and minimized code changes, the gap between between mobile phone performances and ultra-book laptop being not that large for example. We can also imagine authoring and prototyping GLSL shaders or even applications on desktop before using them on mobile devices.

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