Author Topic: NVIDIA OptiX 2.5 RC1 Now Available  (Read 7859 times)

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NVIDIA OptiX 2.5 RC1 Now Available
« on: January 24, 2012, 09:25:14 PM »
The Release Candidate for OptiX 2.5 is now available for testing. This important new version provides enhancements that dramatically increase the possibilities for GPU ray tracing, including:

    Out-of-Core Memory Paging
    Scene sizes can now exceed GPU memory on professional GPUs (Quadro or Tesla) to the extent there is host RAM available.

    Unlimited Textures
    Any number of textures can now be used in scenes (when the textures are not being used in graphics interop).

    Ultra-Fast Acceleration Structure Building
    A new GPU-based BVH Builder - HLBVH2 - builds acceleration structures fast enough for interactive editing and deformation.

    Increased Performance on Divergent Rays
    Techniques such as path tracing and ambient occlusion should see a noticeable performance increase on complex scenes.

    Visual Studio 2010 support

We encourage all developers using OptiX to try RC1 to see if it's working the way you need it to for your application, and to quickly report any issue they may find to the Forum using the OptiX tag.