Author Topic: ImgTec PowerVR Insider SDK (Version 2.9, Release 1)  (Read 8086 times)

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ImgTec PowerVR Insider SDK (Version 2.9, Release 1)
« on: November 01, 2011, 09:08:36 PM »
What's New in Version 2.9, Release 1

    Fix for utilities paths so Android projects will build under MacOS.
    Fixed packaging of Builds/Media/iTunesArtwork file for iOS SDKs.
    Updated header files (gl2.h, gl2ext.h, gl2extimg.h, gl2platform.h and khrplatform.h) with most recent version from Khronos registry.
    Fixed iOS builds so that a valid executable is pre-selected for the new Xcode 4 schemes.


    OGLESParticles: Fixed some spelling and removed some unused variables.
    OGLES2Water: Switched demo to use standard, z-axis major RGB ordered normal maps from new PVRTexTool. ‘WaterToEyeLength’ varying passed but not used. This was being recomputed. Now fixed. ‘vTmp’ was using wrong coordinates and was not correctly mapping the refraction texture. Fixed culling issue: refraction texture was culling incorrect face. Switched to demo rendering FBOs at screen resolution by default for better quality. Removed unused variable ‘PerturbedUVs’. Added a toggle to the UI to render the water effect at the screen's resolution instead of the resolution defined in the code (this increases the fragment workload, but the effect will look better at higher resolutions). Fixed a bug with half of created shaders not being released.
    OGLESFilmTV, OGLESFiveSphere, OGLESFur and OGLESMouse: Fixed disabling of GL_NORMAL_ARRAY before print3D is flushed.
    OGLES2Skybox2: Fixed VBO for the skybox which was not used.
    OGLES2PhantomMask: Added deleting shaders/program of Background in ReleaseView.
    OGLES2Navigation3D: Changed all textures to use the fast PVRTC compressor.
    OGLESNavigation3D: New demo port of OGLES2Navigation3D.
    OGLES2MagicLantern: New demo to show dynamic spherical light map and handling of PFX files with PVRShaman semantics.
    OGLES2ExampleUI: New demo to show how to optimise common UI rendering techniques.

Samples run fine on Qualcomm Adreno with ATITC