OCCT 4.0.0 Final / 4.1.0 Beta 1

Started by Stefan, October 28, 2011, 04:32:23 PM

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OCCT 4.0.0 Final


Changelog (Since 3.0.1) :


Brand new interface with real-time graphs !
Infinite mode is now used as default
In automatic mode, the IDLE periods are fully customizables
GPU:Memtest isn't available in this release (It is scheduled for complete revamp soon)
Settings simplified
Screenshot button (PNG format)


No limit to the number of cores supported


Updated to support the newest Intel instructions


Waiting also for complete revamp (already started - will be DirectX10 based (will run on a vanilla seven and vista). I'm studying DirectX11 (waiting for a card that supports it in fact)


Huge update to the monitoring and system information engine (supports Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer)
Fully customizable real-time graphs (look in OCCT's settings)
Minimum and maximum alert values can be set for every sensor !


Will install .net framework 2.0 if not available
Updates DirectX9 if not up-to-date


New engine for translating OCCT - XML Based
Older translations had to be dropped - sorry
Instructions on how to translate OCCT will come soon...
OCCT 4.1.0 Beta 1


First early release of GPU:3D DirectX10
Complete rewrite, faster algorithm, much better error checking (should be).
Error check mode is restricted, FOR NOW, to 512x512 windowed
While you can specify a refresh rate, DX10 doesn't really allow me to use it - will be disabled later
Monitoring options will come later
GPu/3D tab still requires DX9 to be installed to be enabled (i didn't implement DX10 detection algorithm yet).