MSI Afterburner APP 1.1 beta 1 on Android

Started by Stefan, October 24, 2011, 05:58:07 PM

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QuoteToday we release Afterburner APP1.1 beta 1 on Android for you to have a try. This time we add some really useful and nice features such as "reset to default", and "profile switch". Please update remote server to 1.1 beta as well to work with Afterburner APP. If your current smartphone has installed Afterburner APP, please remove it and install the latest version.

Afterburner APP 1.1 beta1 on Android

Remote server 1.1 beta1

Change log
================================================== =======
Afterburner APP on Android
- Fixed issue where application may crash if device was rotated while the progress indicator is active
- Fixed issue for certain graphics cards where memory clock slider may change inadvertently if core clock slider was changed
- Added profile switching
- Added reset capability

- Added profile switching
- Added reset capability
- Added remote IP address to log for commands making changes to the hardware
================================================== =======

EDIT: access reset capability and profile switching  via menu button