Caspian Learning Release Free Version of $4999 3D Sims&Games Creation Software

Started by Stefan, July 03, 2011, 02:00:32 PM

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Newcastle, UK, July 1st 2011.

Award-winning 3D software company, Caspian Learning, today unveiled the latest version of their exciting 3D sims&games creation software will be completely free to use.

The new version of the software will remove practically all of the barriers to simulation and game design that new designers face and will save new users $4999 over the old retail price.

Caspian Learning unveiled a the new version of their award-winning Thinking Worlds 3D simulation&games creation technology today. The new version  will be available to download and use for free - forever - which is a huge shift from the previous retail price of $4999. The software enables designers to create sims&games rapidly, whether they are advanced or novice users. Free users will have the option to pay for upgrades which add more advanced features.

The concept behind Thinking Worlds 3.5 is that it is able to remove traditionally hard to overcome game design barriers such as the need to have a deep understanding of programming language, the difficulty of adding new 3D art and the problems associated with publishing games. With Thinking Worlds, sims&games are easy to create, objects are easy to import and finished projects are easy to publish as programs ready to run on standalone PCs, web browsers or even iPhones and iPads.

Rapidly Create Sims&Games for iOS Mobile Devices (iPhones and iPads)

As well as now being free to download and use, version 3.5 of Thinking Worlds enables users to create and publish simulations and games for iOS-based devices (iPads and iPhones). Other mobile publishing options are in the pipeline for Q3 2011 launch.

Free to Download and Use - Forever Thinking Worlds is free to download and use from