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WebGL vs 3dviastudio Contest: Win 1000 Euros!
« on: June 01, 2011, 04:06:10 PM »
It's been many years that I dream of a 3D interface to design, in a web browser, 3D objects with EMAO Workshop parameterized basic shapes.

I was looking for a simple way for users and based on available technology, without success, until now.

I recently discovered 3DVIA Dassault Systems technologies, that I started to handle. A simple plugin to install an application to develop 3D applications (experiences in the jargon of 3dvia) and a deposit on to make the experience accessible in a browser and voila... well ... almost, because you still have to master 3dviastudio, which requires a long learning time, which I prefer to devote to developing

So I decided to organize a competition 3dviastudio and I came in touch with Dassault ...

By the time to obtain information on the feasibility of the project, two new browsers were released: Firefox 4 and IE9. In addition to natively SVG support, these browsers support a new standard: WebGL. I also found a javascript library on and a sample application that can serve as a starting point on It works with IE9 and FF4! Go to see it, it's a great job. There are also other libraries, but I have not tried with IE9. Beginners should go to, where they can find step-by-step lessons ...

Two interesting technologies with two opposing philosophies of development: the 3dviastudio that provides developers with an advanced user interface, with extensive use of the mouse and keyboard, and that of WebGL that can be developed only (for now) with an Text editor ...

So there! I thought it would be interesting to put these technologies to compete through a competition ... 3D developers, if you're interested, take your mouse or your keyboard!

If you wish to sponsor this competition, do your prize proposals! Developers need to be motivated to provide the consistent effort (but exciting!) necessary to achieve the requested objectives.


French version:

More information (only in french):

- 01- Règlement Spécifique de la compétition WEBGL - 3Dviastudio:

- 02- Description de l'application

- 03 - Description de la bibliothèque de formes


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Re: WebGL vs 3dviastudio Contest: Win 1000 Euros!
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2011, 02:38:05 PM »
Hello geeks3d readers,

As JeGx invited me, i give you some informations.

I created this challenge for you too, masters or padawans in Webgl : Create a Webgl app which permits to build, in a web browser, a 3d object from a library of parametrizable shapes.

To summarize:

prizes : 1000 euros cash and tons of access to EMAO workshop (my svg tool providing ready-to-print shapes of basic 3D objects

You have until November 30, 2011! (end of registration September 30, 2011)

Open to 3 categories : individuals, teams or school or equivalent.

no geographical limit, no age limit.

read all theses documents carefully:

As I said  to 3dviastudio forum :

You have to build a web based 3d editor like software, and in a parallel way, create a documentation on how you design it and how you build it. It is the natural way you work (it should be) : you think about what you want to do, you write it (in case of something interrupts your work), and you implement it.

For the document explaining how to use the software, you have to put it in an on-line help.

I think all  competitors have an equal chance to win. Be lazy, as a developer should be, do what  is asked, no more, no less ...

Have fun with this contest!

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