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Microsoft GDC2011 presentations
« on: May 29, 2011, 12:25:16 PM »
Better late than never...

GDC 2011 - Direct 3D 11: Symbolic Derivatives and HLSL
This presentation explains potential usage scenarios for the new Symbolid Derivative operator introduced in D3D 11.

GDC 2011 - Windows Game Development Update
This presentation provides the latest update around the game development ecosystem for Windows.

GDC 2011 - Xbox Studio Deep Dive: Designing, Debugging, and Testing Your Kinect Title
This presentation describes how to leverage Xbox Studio in debugging, designing, and testing your Kinect title.

GDC 2011 - “Xbox, Listen”: Driving Gameplay with Kinect Audio Input and Speech Recognition
This presentation discusses the audio input and speech recognition capabilities that are built into the Kinect hardware and software pipelines.

GDC 2011 - Adding Depth to Your Kinect Title
This presentation covers depth map analysis in detail, including hand refinement, feature detection, along with efficient depth processing.

GDC 2011 - Get to Know Me: Kinect Identity
This presentation discusses the user identification capabilities of Kinect.

GDC 2011 - Going Beyond 1:1 Animation on Kinect to Deliver a Hero Experience
This presentation discusses various techniques of effectively mapping the player's skeleton with an in-game character.

GDC 2011 - Xbox LIVE Best Practices for Windows Phone 7
This presentation discusses the best practices for implementing Xbox LIVE features on Windows Phone 7.

GDC 2011 - Develop Blazingly Fast Games with Visual Studio 2010
This presentation focuses on several exciting Visual Studio 2010 features that help game developers rapidly generate high quality optimized code.

GDC 2011 - Maximizing Your Play Space
This presentation explains how to take advantage of your player's available space in single player and multiplayer scenarios, how to tilt the sensor effectively, and how to handle things gracefully when all else fails.

GDC 2011 - Windows Phone 7 Performance Best Practices
This presentation discusses the best practices for developing games on Windows Phone 7.

GDC 2011 - Inside Kinect: Skeletal Tracking Deep Dive
This presentation provides insight into the inner workings of the Kinect sensor, the skeletal tracking software, and implementation of gesture controls.

GDC 2011 - Building Great Gesture Detection
This presentation covers case studies of building gesture detection, what has been learned so far, and recommendations for building your own gesture detection.