Electopia OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark for Android

Started by Stefan, May 03, 2011, 10:02:16 PM

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QuoteUnlike existing mobile benchmarking applications available for Android enthusiasts, the Electopia OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark is written by game development experts in a manner that is representative of advanced, real world mobile games. Electopia provides accurate graphics performance measurements along with unique features like the ability to isolate GPU performance from other system factors like LCD resolution.

Read more about Electopia and Tactel at http://www.tactelus.com

Key features

Electopia features high end features such as

•Particle Effects
•GPU skinned character animations
•Water surface rendering using normal maps
•Cube map reflection materials
•Projected Shadows
•Depth of Field post processing effect
•Bloom post processing effect
•48 000 average triangles per frame

The Future

We are planning to add a lot features to the Electopia benchmark in the future, these are just a few:

Breakdown of frame draw and benchmark options for:

•Fill Rate
•Pixel Shaders
•Vertex Shaders
•Shader particles

More customizable options

•Texture filtering
•Different vertex modes

CPU specific tests

Happy benchmarking!

For some reason the Electopia PC version has been removed from Qualcomm developer network...

EDIT: following issue has been fixed in version 1.1

Cheapskates like me using a low resolution Android device (i use Samsung Galaxy Ace) have to edit assets\electopia.ini (and fix the checksums afterwards)


# 0=Fixed Size of 800x480, 1=Default device screen resolution (fullscreen)