AMD GPU PerfStudio 2.51 released

Started by Stefan, April 22, 2011, 10:41:50 AM

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QuoteGPU PerfStudio 2.51 Improvements:

    Fixes the DX10 GPUTime counter results for HD2600 series cards.

GPU PerfStudio 2.5 Improvements:

    New API Trace window
        Displays a timeline which visually displays the start time and duration for each call made by the frame.
        Displays a per-thread sequential list of calls made to render the frame.
        Supports one-click two-way navigation between the time line and call list.
        Supports multithreaded applications, displaying a separate API trace for each thread.
        Supports saving API trace data to disk in XML format.
        Supports searching the API trace for a given string.
        Two-way integration with the Frame Debugger's draw call slider.
    DX11 Shader Editing
        Edit and re-compile HLSL shader from inside PerfStudio's shader code window.
        See the effect of your edits immediately in the running app.
        Supports changing of compile flags.
        Use in conjunction with the profiler to measure the performance changes of your edits.
    Automated Updater
        The PerfStudio 2 client now checks to see if a newer version is available for download. A task bar pop-up window will alert the user if a new version is available.
    Improved support for more game applications.