HDMI Audio on NVIDIA GPUs version 1.4

Started by Stefan, April 13, 2011, 05:06:07 PM

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QuoteThis document attempts to describe everything you need to know about configuring audio-over-HDMI on recent NVIDIA GPUs and chipsets. A fair level of detail is provided, in an attempt to fully explain everything, rather than hiding useful details.

For brevity, the phrase GPU below includes both GPUs on standalone graphics cards, and GPUs integrated within chipsets. The phrase GPU specifically covers only NVIDIA GPUs, and never includes GPUs from other manufacturers. In some cases, chipsets and GPUs may be explicitly discussed separately due to differing feature sets.

For brevity, this document discusses HDMI audio. However, everything herein applies equally to Display Port, and in many cases also DVI ports when connected to an HDMI port on the display device.

The references to a "monitor" within this document apply equally to any device capable of receiving an HDMI signal containing an audio signal. In particular, an A/V receiver with an HDMI input may be used to receive the HDMI signal, process just the audio portion of the signal, and either ignore the video portion completely, or pass that video on to a display device.

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Added item to Issues In Alsa describing a problem on some chipsets which causes blank video unless audio is playing.