NVIDIA Cg Toolkit 3.0 - February 2011

Started by Stefan, February 23, 2011, 09:18:09 PM

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Version 3 of the Cg Toolkit adds capabilities and profiles to fully support all currently shipping graphics boards from NVIDIA.

The February 2011 version of Cg 3.0 added these improvements:

    * Improved DX11 tessellation support
    * Resolved an issue with nearly identical user defined types
    * Resolved an issue with default values from unreferenced uniform parameters
    * Support setting matrices beyond 96 float constants in the vp30 profile
    * Application supplied compilation options now override those set by cgGLSetOptimalOptions
    * Improved support for 'const' variables in the GLSL profiles
    * Added sampler state documentation

Quiz: which screenshot has been made with ATI GPU?  ;D