Author Topic: AMD DB-FT1 Development Board & x86 Set-Top Box Solution  (Read 6410 times)

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AMD DB-FT1 Development Board & x86 Set-Top Box Solution
« on: January 21, 2011, 04:04:48 PM »
The AMD DB-FT1 development board is an evaluation board for the
AMD Embedded G-Series platform, a low power processor and
advanced GPU integrated into a single embedded Accelerated
Processing Unit (APU). The platform is capable of delivering high
display resolution, up to 2560x1600 pixels, and high performance
multi-media, while maintaining a low-power design in a small form
factor. Its power efficient and space saving advantages are directly
attributable to AMD’s innovative power optimized processor core
design. Therefore, the AMD Embedded G-Series is an ideal platform
for a multitude of embedded applications such as Digital Signage,
Integrated x86 Set-Top-Box (xSTB), Thin Clients, and Casino
Gaming applications that demand high quality multi-media and an
exceptional visual experience.

The AMD-based
x86 Set-Top Box (xSTB)
solution provides the technologies to meet
the needs of today’s high performance set-top box solutions. AMD is
setting the standard in today’s high performance, low power set-top
box designs while leveraging an industry standard small form factor
to help reduce time and costs in bringing the product to market.
Combining AMD’s wide range of powerful 64-bit x86 processors with
high performance integrated graphics solutions provides the basis to
create an xSTB solution to meet the market’s needs. AMD’s xSTB
x86 architecture allows developers to take advantage of the
extensive applications and development that already exist for the PC
market and leverage them for their system development. The AMD
xSTB enables x86 applications on the set-top box including running
some of the latest games and gives the designer a number of
different operating system choices from both Microsoft
® and the Linux® community.