Author Topic: Intel Graphics Performance Developer's Guide 2.95 for Sandy Bridge  (Read 6226 times)

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This document provides development hints and tips to ensure that your customers will have a great experience playing your games and running other interactive 3D graphics applications on Intel Processor Graphics. This document details software development practices using the latest generation of Intel processor graphics with a focus on performance analysis using Microsoft DirectX*. Intel tools useful in optimizing graphics applications are introduced in a section detailing performance analysis with the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA).

Intel® HD Graphics is split into product generations, the latest of which was introduced in January, 2011 with Intel® microarchitecture code name Sandy Bridge.  This family of processors is now on the same silicon as the CPU - a first for Intel® HD Graphics. Each year, more capabilities and better performance are provided by new processor graphics cores. Intel processor graphics currently represent the most common graphics solution chosen by new PC purchasers. Therefore, it makes sense to write your 3D applications to take advantage of this broad market and optimize the experience for the greatest number of people. By following the tips and tricks in this document, you have the opportunity to make your application shine with the graphics volume market leader.


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Re: Intel Graphics Performance Developer's Guide 2.95 for Sandy Bridge
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Is the link broken, or it's have anything to do with my computer ???
The first time that I clicked on link it worked, but I had to interrupt it. Now when I click on link The browser try load the link, try and stay trying ...