Intel - December 2010 tech demos

Started by Stefan, January 04, 2011, 07:09:09 PM

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AVX Cloth - Developer Video

Colony (DX11) is a highly parallel optimized crowd simulation technique. Tens of thousands of units are simulated using a novel ray-casting technique. This is achieved by utilizing TBB to distribute our work across multiple threads and multiple frames and utilizing SIMD to ensure further instruction-level parallelism.

Fireflies (DX9) is a tech sample demonstrating a scalable ambient effect. In this sample, the ambient effect is a swarm of fireflies that scatter and reform into a walking character. Using Intel TBB, the firefly flight trajectory calculations performed per frame are distributed across multiple threads. By changing the number of simulated fireflies programmatically the ambient effect can be scaled to better match the performance of the platform it is running on.


SandyBridge Launch, new SNB Samples, quick graphics samples roundup.

Onloaded Shadows (DX11) is a technique by which shadow maps can be calculated asynchronously on the CPU. By using cascades, the shadow map for objects near the camera are calculated every frame on the GPU, but the shadow maps for objects in the second cascade and beyond are calculated less often on the CPU. This allows for better work balancing across the CPU and GPU.

AVX Cloth is a tech sample that demonstrates use of 8 wide floating point SIMD processing with 256 bit AVX. The sample has many active cloth pieces simulating as it showcases a SOA implementation of an iterative position projection (distance constraint based) solver.


I have CPU AMD x6 1055T (w/ GeForce GTX 480 :D). I can't run AVX Cloth because this my CPU isn't AVX supported. :-\ :(
but I can run rest other demos by intel.