Tap into the exploding mobile market with Intel Graphics and tools

Started by Stefan, October 27, 2010, 05:58:36 PM

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When you're on a tight deadline—working hard to make your application as fun as possible—you don't want to worry about the drudgery of standard operations. Three Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (Intel® GMA) chipsets free you up to do what you do best—make great games.

•         Whether you are developing a new game, or have an existing game that you want to port to the netbook platform, optimizing the CPU and GPU on Intel® Atom™ processor-based netbooks will help increase your success. Here are some easy optimizations and quick performance gains you can achieve when developing games for this fast-growing market.

•         Want to quickly pinpoint that nasty glitch bottlenecking your game's performance? The Intel® GPA tools enable you to visualize, isolate, and stamp out graphics performance issues. Check out these tips and tricks so you can quickly bring up Microsoft* DirectX-based games and other graphics applications across multiple platforms.
Whether you are tweaking performance bottlenecks or optimizing for new platforms, we hope these articles make your life and job easier