Author Topic: Intel HD Graphics - Today's new frontier in visual adrenaline  (Read 4832 times)

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Intel HD Graphics - Today's new frontier in visual adrenaline
« on: September 22, 2010, 06:12:13 PM »
In today's Dispatch, we transport you to the nexus where fantasy meets technology. And at the center of it all, you'll find Intel HD Graphics, our newest integrated graphics offering and the first to include the CPU and GPU in one package. Beam me up, Scottie!

•           When designing games, developing for both maximum gameplay and reduced power consumption can be a constant concern. In Star Trek* Online Goes Where No Game Has Gone Before, Jimb Esser, the lead graphics programmer for Cryptic, discusses the challenges faced in taking this beloved franchise into the world of MMO gaming, and why optimizing the game to run on processors equipped with Intel HD Graphics was an obvious choice.

•           The 2010 Intel® Core™ processor family with Intel HD Graphics provides new features that improve system performance and reduce power usage, especially in mobile systems. Now, both developing and running applications when on-the-go with your laptop can give you increased performance. Read how in the Intel® HD Graphics Dynamic Frequency Technology white paper.