Author Topic: NVIDIA CUDA 3.2 RC now available to public  (Read 9608 times)

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NVIDIA CUDA 3.2 RC now available to public
« on: September 18, 2010, 08:44:27 AM »
Downloads at developer zone

Release 3.2 Beta (R260 Beta Driver Update)
* CUDA SDK Visual Studio projects have been revised to use environment variables $(CUDA_PATH) to reference the
  CUDA Toolkit Installation path, includes, and compiler.  The CUDA tookit also installs NvCudaDriverAPI.rules
  and NvCudaRuntimeApi.rules to refer to rules files which are versioned: NvCudaDriverApi.v3.2.rules and
  NvCudaRuntimeApi.v.3.2.rules.  To help with development migration from CUDA 3.1 to CUDA 3.2, the environment
  paths CUDA_BIN_PATH, CUDA_INC_PATH, and CUDA_LIB_PATH are defined and set by the CUDA 3.2 toolkit.

  Please refer to the Getting_Started_Windows.pdf on windows and the CUDA toolkit release notes for
  more details in the CUDA Toolkit release notes.

* Added cudaEncode sample (not pre-built) which demonstrates CUDA GPU accelerated video encoding of YUV to (H.264 and VC-1).
* Added SLI D3D10 Texture sample that demonstrates improved performance for multi-GPU configurations.
* Added Interval Computing sample (illustrates how to use Recursion on Fermi Architecture)
* Added VFlocking (not-pre built) sample demonstrating a CUDA simulation of bird flocking behavior.

[All OS]
* Added MonteCarloCURAND samples for estimation of MonteCarlo Simulation with the NIVIDA CURAND libraries
    EstimatePiInlineP, EstimatePiInlineQ, EstimatePiP, EstimatePiQ, SingleAsianOptionP
* Add bilateralFiltering sample
* Add conjugateGradient solver on the GPU using CUBLAS and CUSPARSE libraries
* Add simplePrintf (shows how to call cuprintf through device code)
* Updated DeviceQuery/DeviceQueryDrv samples to support determine if ECC/TCC is enabled for Tesla devices

* Added FunctionPointers (version of SobelFilter) sample, requires GPU based on Fermi architecture
* Updated BicubicTexture sample to include Catmull Rom

OpenCL R260 Beta
* Added SDK sample: oclTridiagonal

Direct Compute
Release 3.2 Beta (R260 Beta Driver Update)
* No Changes