Intel® Visual Adrenaline magazine issues 1 & 2 available

Started by Stefan, June 22, 2009, 05:11:33 PM

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After the 3rd magazine you can get now issue 1 and issue 2  ::)

QuoteGame optimization tips, unlocking the secrets of new graphics architectures, unusual game-engine applications, a revolutionary custom tool for digital content creation, the visual effects that brought Attila the Hun to life, the happy musings of a digital artist—point and click and it's yours in Intel® Visual Adrenaline

The second issue of Visual Adrenaline magazine explores the enhanced realism possible with the latest visual computing advances—in stereoscopic 3D, multi-player gaming, and CG animation. The alliance between Intel and DreamWorks, resulting in the InTru 3D™ brand, aims to bring bring incredible stereoscopic 3D experiences to audiences. Other topics highlight gaming development, the latest wrinkles in digital art, and bringing a benign monster to life.