Author Topic: UFO invasion: DX11 and Multicore to the Rescue  (Read 5932 times)

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UFO invasion: DX11 and Multicore to the Rescue
« on: July 07, 2010, 11:15:34 PM »
Advance warning, UFO invasion expected at GDCeu'10

Last year, exhilarated by the energy at the Evoke demoparty, I had been putting together a task-scheduler suitable for demoscene intros, managing to fit inside a 16K executable graphics, music and parallelism (which makes me qualify as scener-wanabee, I guess). nulstein, the resulting project, is documented in my "Do-it-yourself Game Task Scheduling" article, with full source code available. It's the kind of project that sits at the back of your mind and never quite leaves you in peace, so this year, I couldn't do otherwise than come up with a follow up and address the last remaining serial bit: submitting draw calls to DirectX.

Be there in Cologne, August 16-18, at GDC Europe and attend my session : "UFO invasion: DX11 and Multicore to the Rescue". I'll be showing how DX11 deferred contexts can be used to evade the draw-calls submission tax, how TBB's new task groups make this easy and how to update all entities in the game in parallel despite all kinds of dependencies they may exhibit. And if you can't attend, don't despair, slides and full source code will be made available here, after the show !