Author Topic: Wither DirectDraw?  (Read 4443 times)

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Wither DirectDraw?
« on: June 17, 2010, 07:15:36 AM »
The DirectDraw API has been more or less deprecated for game developers since the release of DirectX 9.0 SDK back in 2002. The last time we shipped samples or documentation on DirectDraw  dates back to the DirectX 8.1 SDK. Game developers looking to do 2D rendering should be using Direct3D, or on systems with DirectX 11 the Direct2D API could also be a good choice. The DirectDraw  documentation can still be found on MSDN. A few lingering issues, however, has kept the DirectDraw header and import library in the DirectX SDK for many long years...

In the DirectX SDK (June 2010) release, the DDRAW.H and DDRAW.LIB files are no longer there.

Full story at MSDN