Author Topic: NVIDIA Geforce SLI profile tool  (Read 22569 times)

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NVIDIA Geforce SLI profile tool
« on: May 28, 2010, 12:58:19 PM »
After updating my display driver, I no longer see NvApps.xml. Did something change?

Yes. In Release 256 and later display drivers, NVIDIA has made some significant enhancements to the infrastructure of the 3D settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel. These infrastructure changes will make the 3D settings and profiles faster and more robust and provide 3rd party developers with full access and control through a new API. The new infrastructure no longer uses XML to store some of the settings like SLI profiles. Instead, all 3D settings and profiles are fully integrated into the new API with support for versioning, Unicode executable names, and improved access performance. This now includes not just control over DirectX settings, but also OpenGL and CUDA settings. Instead of editing NvApps.xml, we have created a simple tool that enables SLI customers to export their SLI profiles to a text file, edit them, and then import them back into the driver.

Download here