NVIDIA Scenix 6 beta available

Started by Stefan, May 23, 2010, 10:53:46 AM

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Beta for Scenix 6 Now Available

New Features in the version 6 Beta:

    * Supporting the (Beta) Cg-runtime version for the latest shading possibilities and GF100 hardware suppport
    * Added support for tessellation programs.
    * New PrimitiveSet classes for (Bezier) Patches, QuadPatches, and TriPatches
    * Two new Traversers for converting bewtwen Triangles & Quads to QuadPatches4x4 & TriPatches4
    * Tesselation program example demonstrating how to dynamically determine the tessellation level.
    * New sample to demonstate GF100 (Fermi) HW tessellation: TheTessellator.
          o Note - tessellation support is available through a developer driver that can be found on http://developer.nvidia.com/object/opengl_driver.html .
    * Added functions to nvsg::CgFx to directly flush parameters to Cg.
    * Extended the ColladaLoader to also create an nvsg::Material out of a domMaterial, if the workaround 'ADD_NVSG_MATERIAL' is specified.
    * New requirement for DevIL 1.7.8 or higher for Linux systems (openil.sourceforge.net)
    * Numerous fixes and performance improvements