NVIDIA CUDA 3.1 beta available for registered developers

Started by Stefan, May 15, 2010, 08:01:46 AM

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QuoteCUDA Toolkit 3.1 Beta installers, supporting driver packages and SDK code samples.

== Release Highlights ==

Math Libraries Performance Improvements, including:
* Significant improvements in double-precision FFT performance on Fermi-architecture GPUs for 2^n transform sizes
* Streaming API now supported in CUBLAS for overlapping copy and compute operations
* Real-to-complex (R2C) and complex-to-real (C2R) optimizations for 2^n data sizes
* Improved performance for GEMV and SYMV subroutines in CUBLAS
* Optimized double-precision implementations of divide and reciprocal routines

Unified Visual Profiler now supports both CUDA C/C++ and OpenCL, with:
* Support for start/stop profiling at runtime so you can focus on critical areas of long-running applications
* Support for CUDA Driver API tracing

Additional support for Fermi-architecture GPUs
* Significant performance improvement in the erfinvf() function
* 16-way kernel concurrency
* Support for printf() in device code
* cuda-memcheck updated for Fermi-architecture GPUs

Driver/Runtime interoperability allows mixing of CUDA C Runtime (and math libraries) with CUDA Driver API

New and updated SDK code samples demonstrating how to use:
* Function pointers in CUDA C/C++ kernels
* OpenCL / Direct3D buffer sharing
* Hidden Markov Model in OpenCL
* Microsoft Excel GPGPU example showing how to run an Excel function on the GPU

Note that this limited Beta release includes driver packages for Linux, MacOS, and Windows TCC (Tesla Compute Cluster) only. Standard Windows driver packages with graphics drivers and support for all NVIDIA GPUs will be available next month with the CUDA Toolkit 3.1 production release. In addition, Linux developers should note that the cuda-gdb hardware debugger was not ready for this beta release, but will be included in the production release. Windows developers should be sure to check out the new debugging features in Parallel Nsight for Visual Studio at www.nvidia.com/nsight.

More infos at icare3d