ComputeMark v1.3 available

Started by Stefan, May 09, 2010, 09:17:38 AM

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Download here

ComputeMark is first 100% DirectX 11 Compute Shader benchmark. With DirectX 11, we can use huge performance of our graphic cards for more (real life, daily used) applications. With ComputeMark we are able to measure this power of our graphic cards and tell which one is better.

ComputeMark typically utilizes 99% of GPU (it's ultimate GPUs ass kicker, great for after-overclocking stability tests) and 0-1% of CPU. Windows Vista or Windows 7, DirectX 11 and DX11 graphic card are required.

- Windows Vista or Windows 7
- DirectX 11
- DX11 graphic card


1.3 (07/05/2010)
- Optimizations for both ATI and NVIDIA
- Specs info on main screen
- Added Windows Vista support

1.2 (17/04/2010)
- Added CrossFire/SLI support

1.1 (12/04/2010)
- Added BURN test

1.0 (10/04/2010)
- First public release