BlendELF 0.9 Beta released

Started by Stefan, May 08, 2010, 11:27:58 AM

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QuoteBlendELF 0.9 Beta released

Whats new:
- skeletal animations
- C++ and .NET API
- particles ( + mesh emitters )
- light shaft post processing effect
- joystick support
- physics updates (joints, restitution, sleep threshold and limiting physics to axises)
- IPO curves (for animations)
- more tutorials (GUI, particles, C++)
- rendering optimizations
- bug fixes
- Misc.: global tick rate and speed controls, errors recorded to elf.log, scn and gui built in variables removed (functions now return these objects, check the tutorials), over riding F10

Big thanks for Michael Gale for the .NET binding

Check out the new Physics demo with a lot of footballs bouncing around
You can modify amount of balls in init.lua, 5000 balls should be enough to bring your CPU down to the knees  ;D