Neutrone Engine DX11 tessellation tutorial and tech demo

Started by Stefan, April 04, 2010, 03:52:57 PM

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QuoteOur first short tutorial  is ready, it provides a glimpse of our new UI and it shows how easy it is to use NeutronE. Applying tessellation is very simple, it takes just a few mouse clicks to turn a low poly mesh into a detailed smooth mesh and the best part is that all this happens real-time without any need for mesh modification!

After years of development NeutronE is finally ready for it's first tech-demo! It demonstrates all key features provided by powerful NeutronE rendering pipeline including DirectX 11 tessellation, compute shader, real-time effects etc. Please note that we didn't have time to involve professional artist(s) in the development of the demo so the emphasis is on the technology not the art.

Works also fine with SM4 GPU  8)