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The StateViewer tracks state changes in DX11 and OpenGL graphics apps, using apitrace to initially capture and record traces to a .trace file. During retrace the state bins are tracked, and output to a .raw file which is visualized using the StateViewer.

The StateViewer consists of two parts:

1) d3dretrace/glretrace - State tracing, now part of apitrace. (
2) StateViewer - This visualizer for viewing state trace data.


3D-Tech News Around The Web / SIGGRAPH 2009 NVIDIA Presentations
« on: January 22, 2010, 02:36:57 PM »

- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 NVIDIA Presentations:
SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 was held in Yokohama, Japan. Experts from around the world attended and presented the latest information in graphics technology between December 16th and 19th. NVIDIA, a gold sponsor of SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009, presented several key papers on CUDA development as part of the "GPU Computing Master Class".

- SIGGRAPH 2009 NVIDIA Presentations

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