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3D-Tech News Around The Web / GPU-Z 2.17.0 released
« on: February 27, 2019, 12:59:20 PM »
- latest GPU-Z @ Geeks3D
- latest GPU-Z @ TPU

    Added support for NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti, Titan RTX, RTX 2080 Mobile, RTX 2070 Mobile, RTX 2060 Mobile, Quadro RTX 4000, GTX 650 (GK106), Quadro P5200
    Added support for AMD Radeon VII, Radeon HD 8400E
    Added support for Intel Amber Lake GT2 (Core i7-8500Y)
    Added support for detection of Radeon Adrenalin 2019 version
    Simplified some sensor titles: "GPU Clock", "Memory Clock", "Shader Clock"
    Unified "Memory Used" / "Memory Usage" sensor titles to "Memory Used"
    Improved crash reporter to ask for problem description and optional email, so we can follow up
    Advanced Panel dropdown will show "Memory Timings" option only when memory timing details are available
    OpenCL "Max Packet Size" is now formatted as unsigned value
    Instead of empty value show "None" when no OpenCL Built-in Kernels supported
    Added support for "None" in OpenCL DP, SP, Half FP Capability
    Fixed "File creation failed" message during GPU-Z startup
    Fixed GPU and memory load monitoring on RX 580 2048 SP
    Fixed missing default boost clock on GTX 1660 Ti and some Pascal cards
    Fixed missing fan sensors on RTX cards with no monitor connected
    Fixed crash on startup (Windows XP)
    Fixed crash when opening DXVA 2.0 report (Windows XP)
    Fixed power limit reporting on older NVIDIA cards
    Fixed crash during BIOS save on older NVIDIA cards
    Fixed incorrect VRAM reporting on 16 GB Vega
    Fixed various crashes caused by physical memory access


GPU-Z 2.17.0 + GeForce GTX 1080

GeeXLab - english forum / Checkerboard in GLSL
« on: February 26, 2019, 06:15:09 PM »
Very simple demo that draws a checkerboard pattern in GLSL.


- GeeXLab

GeeXLab - checkerboard in GLSL

GeeXLab - english forum / Shadertoy Demopack - Moon voxels
« on: February 26, 2019, 06:11:51 PM »
Demo Moon voxels ported to GeeXLab.

Location in the demopack: gl-32-shadertoy-multipass/gl32-moon-voxels/demo.xml

- Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab
- GeeXLab downloads

Rendering speed (GeForce GTX 1080 + driver 419.17):
- 800x480 => 103 FPS 
- 2560x1440 => 13 FPS 

Shadertoy demo ported to GeeXLab

Geeks3D's GPU Tools / Re: Interesting behaviour using the Furmark tool.
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:35:57 PM »
Thanks, I will try to do something to detect wrong scores, don't know what, but I will try.

And it's FurMarK not Furmax   ;)

DXVK is a Vulkan-based Direct3D 10/11 implementation for Linux which allows running 3D applications using Wine.

DXVK 1.0 has been released and here are the main improvements:

- Added DXVK_HUD=api option to show the D3D feature level used by the application. Does not work correctly for D3D10 at the moment (#705)
- The device filter now matches substrings rather than the full device name, which may help if the device name changes after driver updates on RADV (PR #921)
- Minor performance improvement on RADV by generating better shader code.
- Minor improvements to CPU overhead in some scenarios.
- Potentially improved frame time consistency on Nvidia in some games
- If available, the VK_EXT_memory_priority and VK_EXT_memory_budget extensions are now used to improve behaviour under memory pressure and to report available VRAM to applications more accurately, respectively.
- The state cache directory will now be created if it does not exist yet (#907)
- Resident Evil 2: Enabled new d3d11.relaxedBarriers option to improve performance by up to 10% in GPU-limited scenarios. Note that enabling this option for other games can cause issues.


Khronos Group Begins Work on a New Standards Initiative to Bring Vulkan GPU Acceleration to Safety Critical Industries

February 25, 2019 — Embedded World Conference —Nuremberg‎, Germany — The Khronos® Group, an open consortium of leading hardware and software companies creating advanced acceleration standards, today announces the creation of the Vulkan® Safety Critical Working Group, to enable safety critical industries to take advantage of advancements in GPU graphics and compute acceleration, and display control, at the highest levels of safety integrity.

Safety critical graphics are a key component for industries such as automotive, avionics, medical and energy. As display requirements become more advanced, safety critical graphics APIs must evolve to meet the industries’ needs. Khronos has led the industry in developing graphics API standards for safety critical environments via its OpenGL® SC Working Group, which released the OpenGL SC 1.0 specification in 2005,and the OpenGL SC 2.0 specification in 2016. Now, automotive and other industries are seeking advanced GPU graphics, compute and display functionality that can be deployed in safety critical systems.

In response to this industry demand, this new Khronos Working Group will create open, royalty-free API standards based on the existing Vulkan API specification to enable safety critical industries to utilize advanced graphics and compute acceleration. To best suit these market’s needs, the new API will aim to be compatible with industry standards for safety critical software, such as RTCA DO-178C Level A / EASA ED-12C Level A (avionics); FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment) (avionics); and ISO 26262 ASIL D (automotive).

“Advanced graphics and compute functionality is being deployed into an increasing number of markets where safety is paramount, and so APIs designed to streamline the safety certification process are now a key part of Khronos’ standardization activities. OpenGL SC has been widely used in avionics systems, but now the wider embedded industry is demanding access to the latest GPU functionality. Vulkan is the ideal starting point for a new generation safety critical GPU API, as its driver architecture is significantly more streamlined than OpenGL, as well as offering increased control of device scheduling, synchronization, and resource management,” said Neil Trevett, president of Khronos.

Complete press release:

More about Vulkan SC

Vulkan SC

In the final installment of Ray Tracing Gems, we examine the dramatic impact ray tracing can have on global illumination. Lighting feels warmer, richer, and more realistic using this technique.


3D-Tech News Around The Web / Intel Graphics Driver released
« on: February 26, 2019, 01:09:16 PM »
- Latest Intel DCH graphics driver win10 64-bit @ Geeks3D
- Intel v6577 win10 64-bit @ Intel

Launch Driver
  - Dirt Rally 2.0
  - Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm
  - Apex Legends

- Performance improvements for Arma 3

- Enhanced support for DirectML

- Intermittent crashes or hangs may occur in Cinema4D, Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm*, vkQuake2
- Minor graphics anomalies may be observed in Final Fantasy XV* and Microsoft* Edge browser.
- OpenGL stability fixes for background applications.
- Few Internal panels may show black screen after installing graphics driver.
- Content protection may not enable when resuming from sleep after connecting display port monitor.
- Rotation may not be persistent when swapping displays in multi-monitor configurations.
- Aspect ratio options may be missing in Intel® Graphics Control Panel for HDMI displays
- Garbage may be seen while using Multi Stream Transport (MST) monitors.

Intel v6577 exposes Vulkan 1.1.97  but new device extensions (like VK_EXT_memory_budget or VK_EXT_validation_features) are not present...

Intel graphics driver v6577 information + UHD 630

Intel graphics driver v6577 + UHD 630 + GL-Z (OpenGL + Vulkan)


- Latest Adrenalin @ Geeks3D
- Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 19.2.3 win10 / win7 64-bit @ AMD

Support for:

- AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon Vega Graphics
      Up to 10% average performance gains with AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.3 vs. 17.40 launch drivers for AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon™ Vega Graphics. RS-285
      Up to 17% average performance gains in eSports™ titles with AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.3 vs. 17.40 launch drivers for AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors with Radeon™ Vega Graphics. RS-286

- Dirt Rally 2
      Up to 3% performance gains with AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.3, on a Radeon™ RX Vega 64 in Dirt Rally 2. RS-287

Fixed Issues
- Battlefield V players may experience character outlines stuck on screen after being revived.
- Fan speeds may remain elevated for longer periods than expected when using Tuning Control Auto Overclock or manual fan curve in Radeon WattMan on AMD Radeon VII.
- ReLive wireless VR may experience an application crash or hang during extended periods of play.
- Zero RPM will correctly disable in Radeon WattMan on available system configurations when manual fan curve is enabled.
- A loss of video may be intermittently experienced when launching a fullscreen player application with Radeon FreeSync enabled.

Same OpenGL (4.6) and Vulkan (1.1.96) support than Adrenalin 19.1.1.

AMD Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.3 + Radeon RX Vega 56

AMD Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.3 + Radeon RX Vega 56

GeeXLab - english forum / GeeXLab released for Windows and Linux
« on: February 25, 2019, 04:16:18 PM »
A new update of GeeXLab for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit is available. ImGui has been updated to latest version 1.68 release and new functions have been added to gh_imgui. Few missing functions have been added to the Python plugin. Thick / wide lines support has been improved (mesh ribbon, widelines in gh_polyline).

The Linux version is linked with GLIBC 2.27 (ubuntu 18.04). I tried to link with an older version of GLIBC but I failed because of powf...


Version - 2019.02.25
! (2019.02.25) [Linux] linked with GLIBC 2.27.
! (2019.02.24) improved mesh ribbon and thick/wide lines support.
+ (2019.02.23) added ribbon_add_point_v2() to gh_mesh.
+ (2019.02.22) added get_current() to gh_render_target lib to get the currently
  bound render target (OpenGL only).
! (2019.02.20) [Assimp plugin / Windows] updated with latest ASSIMP SDK.
! (2019.02.20) [Windows] background message sets window to black.
! (2019.02.19) updated with ImGui 1.68 final release.
+ (2019.02.14) Python plugin - added missing functions: trackball_init() and
  trackball_get_orientation() to gh_utils.
+ (2019.02.14) Python plugin - added missing functions: added
  set_vertex_alloc_params_separate_vertex_arrays() to gh_mesh.
+ (2019.02.01) added indent(), unindent(), is_mouse_clicked(), underline(),
  push_style_color(), pop_style_color(), get_item_rect(), same_line(),
  separator(), spacing() and url() to gh_imgui lib (lua, python).
+ (2019.01.18) added actor_set_max_depenetration_velocity() to gh_physx3 and
  gh_physx4 libraries (lua and python).
! (2019.01.18) PhysX4 plugin internals: dynamicTreeRebuildRateHint set to 200
  (default value is 100).

What’s New in Version 419.17 WHQL 
- Added support for GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

- NVIDIA Control Panel Updated to version 8.1.950. Added new Developer->Manage GPU Performance Counters controls.

- Video Codec SDK 9.0 (Released Feb 11, 2019)
  Included Features:
  . Supports NVENC/NVDEC on NVIDIA Turing GPUs
  . NVENC API has been updated to support HEVC B-frames on Turing GPUs.
  . NVENC API adds the capability to output the encoded bitstream, and motion vectors from Motion-Estimation-only mode to video memory. This avoids the overhead of copying the output from system to video memory for processing pipelines operating directly on video memory.
  . NVENC API now accepts CUArray as an input buffer. The SDK contains a sample application to demonstrate how to feed Vulkan surface to NVENC using Vulkan-CUDA interop.

- Optical Flow SDK 1.0 (Released Feb 11, 2019)
  This is a new API for Optical Flow and stereo disparity hardware engine, available on Turing GPUs.

Fixed Issues in this Release
- Doom Eternal / Doom 2016]: Decals render as black. [2515006]
- [Battlefield V]: Screen artifacts appear in the game when Texture Filtering is set to High Quality in the NVIDIA Control Panel. [2470649]
- Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) is not available for monitors with 4k2k timings. [2496987]
- [Iray][OptiX]: Iray GPU acceleration crashes and falls back to CPU acceleration. [2503738]
- Windows 7x64/8.1x64: Fixes random application crash or TDR introduced in previous GeForce display driver 418.81. [2504448]

- 419.17 @ Geeks3D
- 419.17 win10 (desktop) @ NVIDIA
- 419.17 win7/win8 (desktop) @ NVIDIA

GeForce 419.18 exposes OpenGL 4.6 (419 extensions) and Vulkan 1.1.95 like previous 418.81.

More information about this new driver can be found here:
- Anthem Game Ready Driver Includes Support For The New GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

GPU Caps Viewer + GeForce RTX 2080

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Vulkan API specifications 1.1.101 released
« on: February 19, 2019, 02:04:34 PM »
Change log for February 17, 2019 Vulkan 1.1.101 spec update:

  * Update release number to 101.

Public Issues:

  * Make clear that memory types for imported host memory must be host
    visible in slink:VkMemoryHostPointerPropertiesEXT.txt (public issue
  * Make <<interfaces-resources-layout, WARNING block>> into a NOTE block,
    per the styleguide (public pull request 916).

Internal Issues:

  * Make <<textures-output-format-conversion, computation of derivatives in
    non-uniform flow control>> have undefined behavior (internal issue
  * Make behavior, not just values, undefined for
    <<textures-layout-validation, reads from inconsistent YCbCr layouts>>
    (internal issue 1366).
  * Consolidate version and extension behavior documentation in the
    <<extended-functionality, Extended Functionality>> appendix, While a
    great deal of text was moved from other parts of the Specification into
    the appendix, this just serves to simplify and make consistent
    discussions of versions and extensions (internal issue 1473).
  * Add limits for slink:VkPhysicalDeviceRayTracingPropertiesNV in the
    <<features-limits-types, Required Limit Types>> and
    <<features-limits-required, Required Limits>> tables (internal issue
  * Disallow <<memory-protected-memory, indirect calls within protected
    command buffers>> by adding valid usage statements for the related
    indirect dispatch and draw commands (internal issue 1513).
  * Add valid usage stataements to slink:VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo,
    slink:VkSubpassDescription, slink:VkSubpassDescription2KHR,
    slink:VkSubpassDescriptionDepthStencilResolveKHR, and
    slink:VkImageViewCreateInfo preventing the creation of a renderpass with
    attachments in formats that are not supported for rendering (internal
    issue 1552).
  * Qualify valid usage statements for
    slink:VkAttachmentReference::pname:layout parameter so restrictions only
    apply if an attachment is ename:VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED (internal issue
  * Add valid usage statement for flink:vkCmdDrawIndirectByteCountEXT
    restricting pname:vertexStride to be positive (internal issue 1566).
  * Make the `VK_EXT_sample_locations` extension depend on
    `VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2` in `vk.xml`.
  * Rearrange and simplify the <<interfaces-resources-layout, block layout

New Extensions:

  * `VK_NV_cooperative_matrix`
  * `VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable` (internal issue 1485).


New extensions:
- VK_NV_cooperative_matrix
- VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable

Geeks3D's GPU Tools / Re: Seascape corruptions.
« on: February 18, 2019, 01:24:50 PM »
I will update the shader in GPU Caps Viewer (and in the Shadertoy demopack)

Depth of field (DoF) + a bit of PBR (physically based rendering).

GeeXLab - DoF (depth of field) + PBR

This is GeForce Hotfix driver version 418.99 that addresses the following:

  -  Windows 7x64/8.1x64: Fixes random application crash or TDR introduced in previous GeForce display driver 418.81.


- GeForce 418.99 win7/win8 64-bit

3D-Tech News Around The Web / AMD Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 released
« on: February 14, 2019, 09:32:43 AM »
Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 Highlights

- Latest Adrenalin @ Geeks3D
- Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 19.2.2 Driver for Windows 10 64-bit @ AMD
- Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 19.2.2 Driver for Windows 7 64-bit @ AMD

Support for:

- AMD Radeon VII
- Far Cry New Dawn
- Metro Exodus
- Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI: Gathering Storm
- Crackdown 3
      Up to 5% performance gains with AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 on a Radeon RX 590 RS-287

Fixed Issues
- Using the Alt+Tab shortcut out of a fullscreen application or game may be slow or take longer than expected when using a display connected by DisplayPort.
- Apply and Discard buttons may not appear in some areas of Radeon Overlay under the Radeon WattMan overclocking tab.
- Radeon WattMan may fail to apply memory clock changes on AMD Radeon VII.
- AMD Radeon VII may intermittently experience a system hang when attempting to perform a timeout detection and recovery on Windows®7 system configurations.
- Radeon WattMan may display the incorrect max fan/temperature values for AMD Radeon VII.
- Radeon WattMan may experience issues with changed values failing to save or load when multiple changes are applied at once.
- AMD Radeon VII may experience intermittent system stability issues on some X399 motherboards.
- Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds may intermittently experience an application crash when changing post-processing settings.
- Radeon Settings may experience an application hang when loading the performance histogram in a game profile through game manager.
- Update Notifications may sometimes incorrectly list the currently installed driver as an available upgrade.
- Apex Legends™ may intermittently experience line corruption on AMD Radeon VII.

Same OpenGL (4.6) and Vulkan (1.1.96) support than Adrenalin 19.1.1.

AMD Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 + Radeon RX Vega 56

AMD Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 + Radeon RX Vega 56

What’s New in Version 418.91 WHQL 
Provides the optimal gaming experience when using DLSS and Ray Tracing in Battlefield V and Metro Exodus.

Fixed Issues in this Release
- [Battlefield 1]: Lines appear in the terrain with NVIDIA Control Panel anisotropic filtering override enabled.[1969966]
- [GeForce RTX 20 series]: Event ID 14 error appears in event viewer logs when Digital Vibrance setting is changed. [2488424]

- 418.91 @ Geeks3D
- 418.91 win10 (desktop) @ NVIDIA
- 418.91 win7/win8 (desktop) @ NVIDIA

GeForce 418.91 exposes OpenGL 4.6 (419 extensions) and Vulkan 1.1.95 like previous 418.81.

More information about this new driver can be found here:
- New Game Ready Driver Supports NVIDIA RTX Tech In Battlefield V and Metro Exodus. And Adds Support For Anthem’s Early Access Launch, Crackdown 3, and Far Cry New Dawn
- Battlefield V: Now With NVIDIA DLSS @ youtube

GPU Caps Viewer + GeForce RTX 2080

Unreal Engine 4.22 will be releasing soon with a number of fixes and updates. In the meantime, the first Preview is now available for download from the Epic Games launcher.

Preview 1 includes support for real-time ray tracing, Editor Utility Widgets, Blueprint indexing optimizations, virtual production updates, Oculus Quest support and the Unreal Audio Engine is now on by default for new projects.

From the full list of changes:

Rendering Updates:

- Real-Time Ray Tracing and Path Tracing (Early Access)

        - Added ray tracing low level support.
            Implemented a low level layer on top of UE DirectX 12 that provides support for DXR and allows creating and using ray tracing shaders (ray generation shaders, hit shaders, etc) to add ray tracing effects.

        - Added high-level ray tracing features
            Rect area lights
            Soft shadows
            Reflected shadows
            Ambient occlusion
            RTGI (real time global illumination)
            Geometry types
                Triangle meshes
                    Skeletal (Morph targets & Skin cache)
                    Niagara particles support
            Texture LOD
                Shadows, Reflections, AO
            Path Tracert
            Unbiased, full GI path tracer for making ground truth reference renders inside UE4.


Unreal Engine logo

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