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We don’t typically cover 3D benchmark programs, primarily since they generally have nothing to do with real-world gaming experiences. This new application from Unigine  is a bit different than others though. Unigine is a 3D framework middleware engine that has been used in published games, and will also be used in some upcoming games currently under NDA. The Heaven Benchmark is the first 3D application that is available to us that utilizes DX11 and Tessellation, which will give us a glimpse of what Tessellation could do for us in games.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / AMD plans Redwood GPU to replace 4770
« on: November 10, 2009, 11:25:01 AM »

Redwood XT is a 40nm DirectX 11 part that should replace Radeon 4770 and 4670 cards in the upper part of mainstream market. Redwood pro will be the slower version and it should replace Radeon 4650 cards in the lower part of mainstream market.


In this article we are going to explore what PhysX really is and how it applies to different games and more importantly how this technology affects performance in those games.


t's what's inside those trailers, though, that is the key to Microsoft's cloud-computing efforts. Each of the shipping containers in the Chicago data center houses anywhere from 1,800 to 2,500 servers, each of which can be serving up e-mail, managing instant messages, or running applications for Microsoft's soon-to-be-launched cloud-based operating system--Windows Azure.

"I think, I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think this could be the largest data center in the world," said Arne Josefsberg, general manager of infrastructure services for Microsoft's data center operations.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Thermaltake DuOrb Extreme VGA Cooler Review
« on: November 03, 2009, 04:40:56 PM »

Today we are going to check out a stylish and beautiful cooling solution for a wide range of graphics cards on ATI and Nvidia GPUs. Read our review for details about this new Thermaltake cooler.

GPU Burners used in this review: FurMark  ;D and 3DMark 2006


From the second we saw the Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Vapor-X graphics card we fell in love with it. The card stands out from the crowd and has a bad boy appearance to it that the reference card just doesn't have. The best part about the Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Vapor-X is that the cooler actually works. We witnessed an 8dBA decrease in fan noise and an insane 18C drop in temperatures while gaming.  The small 2-4% factory overclock gave a slight boost in performance and in every single benchmark we ran the Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Vapor-X was faster than a stock Radeon HD 5870 video card, albeit by only 1-6FPS depending on the benchmark in question...


AMD has retaken the crown for superior graphical power with their ATI Radeon HD 5870 video card, and consumers have confirmed that this is the hottest graphics accelerator of the moment. Armed with 1600 shader cores, the 40nm Cypress GPU claims to push video game frame rates well-beyond what NVIDIA offers from their GeForce GTX 285 counterpart. While the list of DirectX 11 video games has just started to grow, with one of the first being a free Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) named BattleForge. Perhaps ATI has created the perfect storm for their Radeon HD 5800-series by offering a price-competitive graphics card with several free games included or available. While NVIDIA toils away with CUDA and PhysX, ATI is busy delivering the next generation of hardware for the gaming community to enjoy. Sapphire factory overclocks the Cypress GPU and adds their own custom cooling solution, named Vapor-X. In this article Benchmark Review! s tests the Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Vapor-X video card 21161-03 against a cross-section of modern graphics accelerators.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / GeForce GT 240 details
« on: November 03, 2009, 07:31:53 AM »

According info leaked by online stores (which can be taken with a bit of salt), the GT 240 features 96 Processing Cores, a 128-bit memory interface and 512MB or 1GB of GDDR3 memory, PhysX and CUDA support, a single-slot cooling system, and D-Sub, DVI and HDMI outputs. In terms of clocks, the upcoming card has its GPU, shaders and memory set to 550, 1340 and 1700/1800 MHz (512/1020 MB VRAM).


Intel is pleased to announce Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 2.2, which now includes support for Microsoft DirectX 10 and Microsoft Windows 7 OS.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel GPA) are a suite of software tools that provide in-depth application analysis and the flexibility for customization to help you pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize your game for Intel Integrated Graphics–based PCs.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / (PR) Shattered Horizon: New Gameplay Trailer
« on: November 02, 2009, 05:18:33 PM »
HELSINKI, FINLAND – NOVEMBER 2, 2009 – Futuremark® Games Studio today
released a new gameplay trailer for Shattered Horizon™, their PC
exclusive multiplayer first-person shooter. The trailer showcases the
game’s complete freedom of movement and intense zero gravity combat.

In Shattered Horizon, a catastrophic explosion on the Moon has filled
near-Earth space with billions of tons of rocky debris. Survivors on
the Moon are forced into conflict with those trapped on the battered
International Space Station. Teams of players fight in zero gravity to
control the limited supplies that mean the difference between survival
and death in the cold of space.

With simple and intuitive controls, players have complete freedom of
movement making full use of the distinctive zero gravity environments
to control the battle. Shattered Horizon rewards players with gameplay
and tactics impossible in games constrained by gravity.

"Escalation" trailer
This new trailer shows real players experiencing Shattered Horizon's
zero gravity combat. The ISS, Flipside and Arc levels are shown in a
trailer for the first time and the player's HUD, the three grenade
types, scoped shots and melee attacks are also revealed.

"Shattered Horizon is this year's most original first-person shooter,"
said Jukka Mäkinen, Head of Futuremark Games Studio. "In a sea of
sequels, Shattered Horizon offers PC gamers a fresh and innovative
shooter with intense zero gravity combat that cannot be found in other

New "Escalation" trailer featuring in-game footage (available in HD)
Official website:

New Screenshots
New #1
New #2
New #3
New #4

About Shattered Horizon
Shattered Horizon is the highly anticipated first game from Futuremark
Games Studio that immerses you in the cold reality of combat in space.
•       Multiplayer first-person shooter set in near-Earth space 40 years
from now.
•       Experience intense zero gravity combat and complete freedom of
movement. Use your rocket pack to fly freely through space then land on
any surface.
•       Engage enemies in furious firefights, or ambush them from unexpected
angles. Use tactical grenades to disable electronics, block line of
sight or push enemies out from cover.
•       Join your friends in action-packed 32 player battles fighting to
control hollowed-out asteroids, huge fragments of Moon rock and the
ruined remains of the International Space Station.
•       Dedicated servers hosted by Futuremark Games Studio at launch with
server code being made available for the community shortly afterwards.

Release date: November 4, 2009
Suggested retail price: €19.95 / $19.95 / £14.95
Free downloadable expansion packs featuring new levels after launch.

Shattered Horizon requires DirectX 10 on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
There is no support for Windows XP or DirectX 9.

Pre-order now and save 10 percent. Players who pre-order will also be
invited to help test new levels before they are made public:


NVIDIA's consumer-ready, Fermi-based GeForce graphics cards are most likely among the most anticipated products this year, as they are said to provide users with an increased level of performance, as well as new features. Although previous rumors indicated that the said cards would be available on November 28, it now appears that they will most likely be launched by early December.

Designed on the 40nm manufacturing process, the new NVIDIA GF100 graphics processing unit is expected to end-up significantly faster than AMD's Radeon HD 5870 flagship card, although we still have no specific numbers on benchmark results, clock speeds or any other specification.

EMotion FX:
EMotion FX v3.8 features:

EMotion FX v3.8 released, now including a completely new EMotion Studio and state of the art motion compression

Rotterdam, Netherlands - October 27th, 2009 - MysticGD, a leader in real-time character animation middleware, today announced the release of its latest version of EMotion FX, the real-time character animation and model export system.

"This release is a major step in the development and future of EMotion FX. A lot of work has been put into the new EMotion Studio. We believe good tools are the future of successful game middleware. Therefore we spent a lot of time writing a completely new EMotion Studio until we knew for sure that it was better than any existing on the market." said John van der Burg, Development Director.

The most important improvements and additions in v3.8 compared to the previous release are:

    * New EMotion Studio: a completely new EMotion Studio. It is fully command based, supports undo/redo, multiple viewports, multiple characters, has very modern interfaces, is fully customizable, is scriptable and extensible through custom plugins.

    * State-of-the-art Motion Compression: this new compression algorithm makes your motions 8 to 25 times smaller in memory.

    * Smaller Motion Files: motion files, even when not compressed using the new algorithm, are now about 30% to 50% smaller in size.

    * Improved Deformable Attachment System: it is now possible to add deformable attachments that add new nodes/bones, where these new bones are partially animated separately and partially by the main skeleton . This can simplify very advanced character customization extremely for artists.

    * Improved Rendering: the new EMotion Studio now supports more advanced rendering, supporting HDR, blooming, depth of field, normal mapping, specular mapping and rim lighting.

    * Improved examples: the examples have been improved to take advantage of the new render engine. There are 50 API examples! The new sample browser allows you to easily browse through them.

    * Support for latest 3ds Max and Maya: the latest versions of Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya are fully supported.

To see more about EMotion FX, please visit the product website. Movies demonstrating some of the most important features are available online. You can find EMotion FX at

About MysticGD
Founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1999, MysticGD is a leader in realtime character animation products used by leading game developers such as EA, Ubisoft, Sony Online, Webzen, SimBin, Nexon Corporation, IMC Games and many others. For more information visit


The Shooter-RPG Borderlands where Unreal Engine 3 meets a special graphics style will be released this week. PC Games Hardware presents first screenshots and reveals details about the technology.


One of the most interesting changes just starting to happen in PC architecture is that software can now do some computing using the graphics processor, in addition to the using the traditional CPU. This offers the potential for certain applications to run noticeably faster. Windows 7 may not be driving this change, but it is providing the platform that most of the vendors looking at GPU computing seem to be focusing on.


HELSINKI, FINLAND – OCTOBER 19, 2009 – Futuremark® Games Studio today
released a new trailer showing the first in-game footage from Shattered
Horizon™, their upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter for the PC.

In Shattered Horizon, a catastrophic explosion on the Moon has filled
near-Earth space with billions of tons of rocky debris. Survivors on
the Moon are forced into conflict with those trapped on the battered
International Space Station. Teams of players fight in zero gravity to
control the limited supplies that mean the difference between survival
and death in the cold of space.

With simple and intuitive controls, players have complete freedom of
movement making full use of the distinctive zero gravity environments
to control the battle. Shattered Horizon rewards players with gameplay
and tactics impossible in games constrained by gravity.

“Raid on Moondust” trailer
The first trailer for Shattered Horizon to show in-game footage, this
new video shows two players working together to take control of an
asteroid being mined in near-Earth space. Players use rocket packs to
fly freely through space and can land on any surface, surprising
opponents by attacking from unexpected angles.

“This new trailer shows Shattered Horizon’s realistic space setting and
the player’s complete freedom of movement,” said Antti Summala, lead
designer at Futuremark Games Studio. “FPS fans looking for a new
multiplayer challenge this holiday should check out Shattered Horizon
for an experience that is only possible in a game without gravity.”

New “Raid on Moondust” trailer featuring in-game footage (available in

New Screenshots
New #1
New #2
New #3
New #4

Key Art
Futuremark Games Studio has also revealed the key art image for
Shattered Horizon, an evocative scene of an armed astronaut floating
above the Earth with the arc of Moon debris in the background.

New Website
The official Shattered Horizon website has been redesigned to act as a
community hub for the game both before and after the game’s launch.

Game Rating
Futuremark Games Studio has announced that Shattered Horizon has
received a Teen rating from the ESRB. Ratings from other organizations
are not yet available.

Coming to Earth 2009
Shattered Horizon is the first self-published title from Futuremark
Games Studio and will be available via digital download this holiday.
Visit the official website for more game details.

General Discussion / Re: GeeXLab 0.1.10 available
« on: October 19, 2009, 11:54:12 AM »
This is very strange. How did you install Python 2.6.3? With the official Windows installer ?
The error message means python26.dll is not in the system path. Find python26.dll and place it in GeeXLab's folder. Maybe that'll fix your problem.

General Discussion / Re: GeeXLab 0.1.10 available
« on: October 15, 2009, 04:29:27 PM »
Did you try the latest version of GeeXLab ?

Let me know.


Hecatoncheires is reportedly the codename of ATI's next-gen DirectX 11 architecture that will be released by the end of 2010.

... and from what we hear this is a brand new architecture and not just improved version of R770, something that RV870 is.

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