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Just curious about how anyone would approach this.
This is more a though-experiment than something actionable.

These days, recursive node-editors are becoming more and more usual (compared to the traditional node-editors).
An example of a powerful recursive node-editor would obviously be TouchDesigner (TD):

A powerful feature of TD is that each node has an extendable UI.
In a sense, each block could represent a GeeXLab script (or internal node?), which could open a draggable imgui popup with properties when doubleclicked.
Any thoughts on how realistic it would be to create an STANDALONE node-editor app (like MadView3D)..or should it be just a drop-in lua-library (which visualizes the current 'state')?
Which would you prefer?

I already figured, that by imagining the editor from scratch (outside of GeeXLab) would be a misstake.
That could introduce so many challenges from a maintenance point of view.
I could imagine a super-simple first version, by visualizing nodes on the highest level(like representing lua- or python-scripts, and/or objects from this framework:

Later, simple oscillator nodes (sinus,saw,square) etc could be written in lua, to easily modulate/control values:


Later, one could always introduce 'zooming' into such node(s) (which would open a new node-editor, representing the internal GeeXLaB nodes), but i'm not sure whether that would add any value at all.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice on this let me know here!  :D

UPDATE: hm there seem to be people who've attempted a imgui node-editor widget:

GeeXLab - english forum / variable/context sharing between python/lua
« on: November 15, 2018, 09:49:02 AM »
Is GeeXLab intended to work with either LUA or Python?
I just played around, and it seems i can do both at the same time :)
Is this a bug or feature? :)

If it's a feature: is it possible to

  • access a value both in python and lua?
  • OR call a python function in lua (or vice versa)

I know this kind of an odd question, I just happened to run into this scenario: I started something in python, but found an interesting utility lib written in lua.
I can find a similar lib written in python, i was just curious since GeeXLab does not require me to choose either python or lua  :-\

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