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GeeXLab - english forum / How to quit??
« on: August 08, 2017, 10:31:33 PM »
How do I close a GeeXLab demo run from the console? (Raspberry Pi) I ran the generic GeeXLab demo, and it covered part of my console with the spinning torus-knot at ~160fps... but it's stuck. I've tried:

CTRL-C, CTRL-X, ESC, q, Q, CTRL-Q, ALT-Q.. ALT-X.. enter.. space... mashing the keyboard... clicking the mouse... (I can see a cursor within the GeeXLab overlay window)

This seems like such a trivial question, but I've looked through the documentation and can't find any reference, nor any hint in the first tutorial, or any reference on this forum...

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