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GeeXLab - english forum / Raspberry PI BOLD font
« on: September 04, 2016, 05:07:52 PM »

How do you load font with bold style in the lua script  with ftgl_load_font ?



GeeXLab - english forum / Dynamic texture loading / deleting. Raspberry PI 3
« on: September 01, 2016, 01:46:18 PM »

I have a list of images ( ~ 100 images in PNG format) that I need to display in a timed sequence (like a movie)

I use textures to display the images (like in the demo

Creating the texture works: with the function  gh_texture.create_from_file_v3 from the API ( I load the images at initialization, and then I am able to display the images in the FRAME script. But I am currently limited to 10 textures simultaenously in the GPU.

Is it possible to update the GPU textures from a seperated thread / process ? ( I cannot do it in the FRAME script because it takes too much time to load the texture from file, affecting the display)

Also I tried to use the functions to update textures :


but neither worked or I was not able to use them properly..

And I didn't find any way to free the textures from the GPU ?

Maybe it could be done with gh_texture.reset_texture_unit ? But I don't understand the arguments of the function.

Could someone help in those matters ?

Thanks and best regards



We are using geexlab to display partly transparent overlays on the raspberry pi.

We are using the demo demo_gles2_v2.xml  (

It is working with full transparency (alpha = 0) but our PNG image has variable levels of transparency. As an example if a pixel is partly transparent (alpha = 0.5), it will appear on the screen fully opaque (alpha = 1).

Please could you give us some hints what we should modify on the demo to make it work with our transparent image?

Thanks and best regards,


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