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Title: Mesh Shaders for Professional Graphics (CAD, DCC) on Turing or Ampere GPUs
Post by: JeGX on December 09, 2020, 04:29:35 PM
Mesh shaders for CAD and digital content creation (DCC) markets.

Mesh shaders were introduced with the Turing architecture and are shipping with Ampere as well. In this post, I offer a detailed look over mesh shader experiences for these hardware architectures so far. The context of these results was primarily CAD and DCC viewport or VR-centric. However, some of it may be applicable to games as well, which increase in geometric complexity. Games also have passes where geometric complexity can dominate, such as visibility buffer, depth pre-pass, or shadow-map.

Keep in mind that mesh shaders are deliberately designed to expand existing capabilities and allow you to optimize certain use cases. They are not meant to replace the existing geometry pipeline completely. Due to the existing optimizations in the traditional VTG (vertex-, tessellation-, and geometry-shader) pipeline, do not expect mesh shader pipelines to always provide substantial wins in performance.

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