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Title: The return of Multi-GPU with NVIDIA new CFR rendering mode
Post by: JeGX on November 21, 2019, 01:14:53 PM
NVIDIA is working on the return of multi-GPU rendering (upcoming dual-GPU board?) with a new technique called Checkered Frame Rendering or Checkboard Frame Rendering:


- Checkered Frame Rendering" or "Checkboard Frame Rendering" based on a checkerboard approach
- available for DirectX 10/11/12 (but not OpenGL & Volcano)
- requires NVLink
- currently only available for Turing-based nVidia graphics cards (with NVLink)
- currently only activatable by means of tools such as the nvidiaProfileInspector
- currently still plenty of compatibility issues
- because of the checkerboard approach, however, no micro-stuttering problems as in the AFR mode