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Title: NVIDIA PhysX SDK 4.1.1 released
Post by: JeGX on August 14, 2019, 01:52:31 PM

        Support for Visual Studio 2019 has been added, cmake 3.14 is required.
        Android binary output directory name contains Android ABI string.


        PxVehicleWheelsSimFlags and corresponding set/get methods have been added to PxVehicleWheelsSimData. The flag eLIMIT_SUSPENSION_EXPANSION_VELOCITY can be used to avoid suspension forces being applied if the suspension can not expand fast enough to push the wheel onto the ground in a simulation step. This helps to reduce artifacts like the vehicle sticking to the ground if extreme damping ratios are chosen.
        The PxVehicleDrive::setToRestState() was not clearing all cached data, which could sometimes make vehicles misbehave after calls to this function.


        Added error message when not at least four valid vertices exist after vertices cleanup.


        Binary serialization of kinematic rigid dynamic actors was failing unless they were part of a scene.

Rigid body

        Out of shared memory failure with GPU articulations.
        Inconsistent results when setting joint drive targets with GPU articulations compared to CPU articulations.
        Assert when simulating a scene with > 64k rigid bodies and joints.
        Error in PxActor::getConnectors() method when there are multiple connector types.
        Setting joint positions on articulations did not update world-space link poses and velocities.
        Improved TGS articulation joint drive solver.
        Improved robustness of articulation spherical joints.
        Joint forces/positions/velocities set through the PxArticulationCache are correctly applied when using GPU articulations.
        Fixed rare crash in MBP when the system contains out-of-bounds objects.

- Release notes (
- PhysX 4 @ github (

Just compiled and tested this new SDK with GeeXLab ( and it looks good.

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