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Title: ATI Mobility Modder 1.2 available
Post by: Stefan on May 24, 2009, 03:35:50 AM
The new FINAL version is now and has an installer.
- Added support for Windows 7 drivers
- Fixed problem in driver modification with the 9.2 and higher drivers

So what's the deal, what exactly is Mobility Modder?

Hopefully some of you coming to this page will already have used our older Mobility Modder for XP but for those of you who haven't I guess it is time for a brief history lesson. I know these things can be extremely boring, so i will keep it short.

ATI have for many years had their hands tied with laptop manufacturers (OEMS) who request that ATI do not offer support for their device in the Catalyst Driver. This may seem strange, however makers such as Dell may have implemented their own support system and they do not want their customers downloading "reference" drivers from ATI's home page.

Source: Driverheaven (