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Title: NVIDIA PhysX SDK 4.1 released
Post by: JeGX on March 21, 2019, 04:10:30 PM
Release Notes - NVIDIA® PhysX® SDK 4.1.0


    Immediate mode support for reduced-coordinates articulations and the temporal Gauss Seidel solver.
    GPU acceleration for reduced-coordinates articulations.


        Added support for UWP, note that cmake 3.13.4 is required for uwp arm64.
        PhysXGpu DLLs are now standalone, so they will now work with both static and dynamic PhysX libraries.
        PhysX delay loading code is disabled for the static library configuration.
        Removed PxGpuDispatcher class. Instead of querying the GPU dispatcher with PxCudaContextManager::getGpuDispatcher() and providing it to the PxScene with PxSceneDesc::gpuDispatcher, please provide the CUDA context manager directly using PxSceneDesc::cudaContextManager.
        PxCreateCudaContextManager does have an additional parameter PxProfilerCallback, that is required in order to get profiling events from the GPU dll.
        FastXml project is now compiled as OBJECT on win platforms and is linked into PhysXExtensions library.
        Removed PxArticulationBase::getType(), PxArticulationBase::eReducedCoordinate, PxArticulationBase::eMaximumCoordinate and added PxConcreteType::eARTICULATION_REDUCED_COORDINATE, PxConcreteType::eARTICULATION_JOINT_REDUCED_COORDINATE.

Rigid Bodies

        Immediate mode API for reduced-coordinates articulations.
        Immediate mode API for the temporal Gauss Seidel (TGS) solver .
        Compute dense Jacobian matrix for the reduced-coordinates articulations.
        GPU acceleration for reduced-coordinates articulations with PGS solver.
        GPU acceleration for reduced-coordinates articulations with TGS solver (experimental).
        PxSimulationStatistics::nbDynamicBodies does not include kinematics any longer. Instead they are covered in new nbKinematicBodies counter.
        Fixed speculative CCD optimization with sleeping bodies.
        Fixed the overlap termination condition in the GJK code for sphere primitive.
        Fixed a bug in the face selection algorithm for paper thin box overlapped with capsule.
        Fixed a contact recycling issue with PCM contact gen.
        Fixed an issue with articulation when removing and adding links to the articulation.


        PxSerialization::serializeCollectionToBinaryDeterministic, convenience function to post-process binary output with PxBinaryConverter for determinism. For achieving determinism, the checked build needs to be used.
        Support for binary and xml serialization for PxArticulationReducedCoordinate.
        PxBinaryConverter can now produce deterministic output, independent of the runtime environment the objects have been serialized in. For achieving determinism, the checked build needs to be used for serializing collections.
        PX_BINARY_SERIAL_VERSION has been changed to a global unique identifier string. PX_PHYSICS_VERSION is no longer part of binary data versioning.