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Title: GLSL Hacker released
Post by: JeGX on June 23, 2014, 10:35:30 PM
A new dev version of GLSL Hacker is ready for Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit and OS X.

You can download it from this page:

Version - 2014.06.21
* fixed a bug with AntTweakBar plugin under Windows with AMD Radeon cards
  that made the application to crash time to time at the end of a scene.
- removed all atomic_counter_xxxx() functions from gh_renderer.   They are
  replaced by the low level functions of the gh_gpu_buffer lib.
* bugfix: the gh_camera.bind() function no longer update the fixed pipeline
  if OpenGL core profile is used.
+ added OpenGL debug GL_ARB_debug_output support via the gl_debug_profile="1"
  in the XML window node.
+ added memory_barrier() to gh_renderer lib.
+ added vertices_to_gpu_buffer(), vertices_from_gpu_buffer()
  and set_vertex_source() to vertex_pool lib.
- removed all shader_storage_buffer_xxxxx() functions from vertex_pool lib.
+ added set_shader_storage_block_binding() to gh_gpu_program lib.
+ added set_automatic_uniform_state() to gh_object lib.
* fixed a threading bug in the waitscreen + progress bar when scene contains errors.
+ added gh_gpu_buffer, a new lib for managing GPU buffers in an unified way.
+ added get_uniform_block_size(), get_uniform_block_index()
  and set_uniform_block_binding() to gh_gpu_program lib.
- removed all ub_xxx() functions from gh_gpu_program lib.

Version - 2014.06.08
+ added support of transparent windows (alpha value) in OS X version.
+ added drag and drop support in the OS X version.
! OSX version: now GLSL Hacker stores the last position of the window
  and uses it for the next launch (useful with the drag and drop).
+ added FreeImage plugin support in the OS X version.
+ added a set of functions to manage custom dynamic libraries: gh_utils.dylib_xxx().
  Thanks to these functions, you can use GLSL Hacker as a super window manager and code
  your own 3D routines in the dynamic lib in C/C++.   
Title: GLSL Hacker
Post by: JeGX on August 28, 2014, 08:12:23 PM
A new update of GLSL Hacker is available. You can download it from this page:

v0.7.0.2 Changelog:
+ added new plugin for Leap Motion device + new gh_leap library (Lua).
+ re-enabled log dialog box (Windows version) in Tools > Show log dialog box.
+ Lua print() redirected to log file.
+ added create_disc() to gh_mesh lib.
+ added gh_renderer.blending() and gh_renderer.blending_off() to quickly
  enable/disable color blending.
+ added new openGL queries to gh_renderer.get_capability_4i().
! improved robustness of the Lua version of gh_utils.trace().
Title: GLSL Hacker
Post by: JeGX on August 28, 2014, 08:14:45 PM
A new update of GLSL Hacker is available. You can download it from this page:

v0.7.0.3 Changelog:
+ added a set of functions (gh_renderer.query_xxxx()) for GL_ARB_pipeline_statistics_query (OpenGL 4.5).
* GPU monitoring plugin: added GeForce GTX 745, GT 720, GTX 700M series, GT 700M series, 800M series and GTX 800M series.
* GPU monitoring plugin: updated with latest NVAPI R340.
* bugfix: the menubar is no longer displayed in fullscreen mode (Windows version).
+ added set_orientation_cubemap() to gh_camera lib.