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Title: AMD FirePro™Unified Driver Version 9.003.3
Post by: Stefan on December 22, 2012, 04:22:36 PM
AMD FirePro™Unified Driver Version 9.003.3 (

The following new features and optimizations have been added to the 9.003.3 release:

         ?  Support for AMD FirePro™ S10000 in Unified driver
         ?  Performance improvements in Solidworks
         ?  Performance improvements in AutoCAD
         ?  Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.3 support
         ?  Windowed OpenGL quad-buffer 3D support in Windows 8
         ?   10-bit color video output technology support in Windows 8

AMD678A.1 = "AMD FirePro S10000 (FireGL V)"
AMD6808.1 = "AMD FirePro S7000 (FireGL V)"
AMD678A.2 = "AMD FirePro S9000 (FireGL V)"
AMD678A.3 = "AMD FirePro W8000 (FireGL V)"
AMD6889.1 = "ATI FirePro V7800P (FireGL V)"
AMD688A.1 = "ATI FirePro V9800P (FireGL V)"
AMD68F2.1 = "AMD FirePro 2270"
AMD68F1.1 = "AMD FirePro 2460"
AMD9906.1 = "AMD FirePro A300 Series (FireGL V) Graphics Adapter"
AMD674A.1 = "AMD FirePro V3900 (ATI FireGL)"
AMD6749.1 = "AMD FirePro V4900 (FireGL V)"
AMD6707.1 = "AMD FirePro V5900 (FireGL V)"
AMD6704.1 = "AMD FirePro V7900 (FireGL V)"
AMD6809.1 = "AMD FirePro W5000 (FireGL V)"
AMD6828.1 = "AMD FirePro W600"
AMD6808.2 = "AMD FirePro W7000 (FireGL V)"
AMD6780.1 = "AMD FirePro W9000 (FireGL V)"
AMD688D.1 = "AMD FireStream 9350"
AMD688C.1 = "AMD FireStream 9370"
AMD68C9.1 = "ATI FirePro V3800 (FireGL V)"
AMD68C8.1 = "ATI FirePro V4800 (FireGL V)"
AMD68A9.1 = "ATI FirePro V5800 (FireGL V)"
AMD6889.2 = "ATI FirePro V7800 (FireGL V)"
AMD6888.1 = "ATI FirePro V8800 (FireGL V)"
AMD688A.2 = "ATI FirePro V9800 (FireGL V)"