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Post by: Stefan on February 17, 2011, 11:36:35 PM


- added Multi Display Power Saver feature (rightclick "Show Overclocking"" button)
- added Monitoring Graphs feature (new button below image upload or rightclick "Show Overclocking"" button)
- added Create/Update/Remove Startup Shortcut feature (rightclick "Create Clocks Shortcut" button)


- already assigned unknown settings from a profile will be shown now even without a settingscan
- request elevation for profile settings only if not already running elevated main app
- allow single instance of profile settings window only
- added detection of missing CSN file which offers the user a oneclick repair (webupdate)
- automaticly removing Zone.Identifier from ADS after first run
- added known subvendor name to card selection
- added global mutex "Access_NV_I2C" around some critical nvapi functions to avoid collision with 3rd party apps
- added small symbol to context enabled buttons
- added CLI option "-multiDisplayPowerSaver"
- added CLI option "-showMonitoring"
- moved data logging feature to monitoring
- screenshot function captures glass now
- changed imagehoster to
- prevent app from starting within a temp folder
- several minor fixes and improvements

Title: Minor update
Post by: Stefan on February 22, 2011, 07:57:06 PM

- fixed: closing mainform did not handle closing logic (settings, log) of monitoring form
- fixed: temp folder detection fails on systems with empty temp paths
- fixed: out of range error if nvapi reports incorrect usage
- possible fix: csc.exe crashes on windows shutdown and prevents from storing MDPS settings
- added: mdps now supports cards with p0 and p8 only
- added: monitoring colors customizeable via config file
- small fixes and improvements
Title: NVIDIA INSPECTOR Version update
Post by: Stefan on March 04, 2011, 05:54:24 PM

- fixed: running MDPS wont be recovered when using webupdater
  (this fix applies with the next webupdate first)
- fixed: modified profiles were not updated on create/delete profile and reset value
- added rescan of modified profiles after importing profiles
- reset profile now works on user created profiles too
- decreased monitoring border width
- further improved scan speed for modified profiles
- massive scan speed improvement for unknown settings
- removed scan progress dialogs
- automatic scan for unknown settings and modified profiles on startup
- changed the "scan for unknown settings" button behavior to just toggle the display of unknown settings
  (unknown values will still be listed in value selection even if unknown settings display is not activated)
- possible fix: application crash on profile settings start occured on a few systems

- HOTFIX: some modified profiles were not found


- added quick selection for modified profiles (dropdown on home button)
- added scan progress dialog for user initiated scans
- improved scan speed for modified profiles
- improved storing speed for profile settings
- reduced flickering of profile settings list
- several small fixes


- fixed: p0/p8 capable cards were not detected from MDPS in some cases
- fixed: max values were not resetted on "reset all monitors"
- added "home" button to profile settings to get back to global profile fast
- added "hide to tray" command to monitoring menu
- added legacy process detection mode to MDPS to extend compatibility to older drivers and Win XP
  ("add from gpu process" will be disabled in this case)
- improved general stability for MDPS