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Title: [Demo Scene] Assembly Summer 2010
Post by: Stefan on August 08, 2010, 09:57:57 AM
Assembly Summer 2010 ( demos have been uploaded at POUET.
"When I saw ASD's demo I seriously thought it was worth stopping the compo right there and just giving Navis every single damn prize in the building. Holy f.....g sh.."

Here are the demos i liked. Some of them take a long time to launch (because of building shader caches i assume).

Happiness is Around the Bend (  8)

Atleeti ( - Physics and AI in 4K

Behind the Curtain ( - 64K GPU burner

Bubblin Under ( - makes a nice screensaver

Collideride ( - 4K GPU burner

Devolution ( - nice visuals except from the annoying flying text messages

Kaks Koiraa Savosta Redux ( - 1K GPU burner, system froze on pressing ESC :(