Microsoft DirectStorage 1.1 Now Available

Started by Stefan, November 07, 2022, 09:09:43 PM

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The DirectStorage team is pleased to share that GPU decompression with DirectStorage 1.1 is available now. This new version of DirectStorage contains everything a developer needs to get started with GPU decompression. For more information on this feature and how it benefits gamers, check out our previous blog post: DirectStorage 1.1 Coming Soon.


Microsoft's instructions for the bulk load demo was TL;DR

Intel's sample works on NVIDIA, if i untick DirectStorage, bandwidth increases, i'm not sure if that is expected behaviour?

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QuoteLoad times. They are the bane of any developer trying to construct a seamless experience. Trying to hide loading in a game by forcing a player to shimmy through narrow passages or take extremely slow elevators breaks immersion.

Now, developers have a better solution. NVIDIA collaborated with Microsoft and IHV partners to develop GDeflate for DirectStorage 1.1, an open standard for GPU compression. The current Game Ready Driver (version 526.47) contains NVIDIA RTX IO technology, including optimizations for GDeflate.

GDeflate: An Open GPU Compression Standard

GDeflate is a high-performance, scalable, GPU-optimized data compression scheme that can help applications make use of the sheer amount of data throughput available on modern NVMe devices. It makes streaming decompression from such devices practical by eliminating CPU bottlenecks from the overall I/O pipeline. GDeflate also provides bandwidth amplification effects, further improving the effective throughput of the I/O subsystem.

GDeflate Open Source will be released on GitHub with a permissive license for IHVs and ISVs. We want to encourage the quick embrace of GDeflate as a data-parallel compression standard, facilitating its adoption across the PC ecosystem and on other platforms.



QuoteAMD is pleased to support Microsoft®'s recently released DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU Decompression. AMD has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure the best possible experience on AMD devices and platforms. DirectStorage is a feature that must be enabled by (game) application developers to realize the benefits. AMD is ready to support our ISV partners to enable DirectStorage in future game title releases.

DirectStorage works out of the box with existing graphics devices and drivers that support DirectX 12 and Shader Model 6.0. With DirectStorage 1.1, Microsoft has also included a path for vendors like AMD to provide additional optimizations called metacommands.

AMD currently has a build of a metacommand-enabled graphics driver that can be shared with our ISV partners under NDA. A sample application will soon be available from AMD to assist in development.