Author Topic: Filament 1.9.0 (PBR engine) available  (Read 931 times)

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Filament 1.9.0 (PBR engine) available
« on: September 15, 2020, 03:45:10 PM »
Filament is a real-time physically based rendering engine for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS and WASM/WebGL.
Filament 1.9.0 is available: TAA, variance shadow maps (VSM) and reverse-z depth buffer are the main new features. It also offers performance and quality improvements to SSAO and depth-of-field effects.

- MASKED mode now leaves destination alpha intact (useful for transparent targets).
- MASKED mode now benefit from smoothing in unlit materials.
- Fixed frame graph crash when more than 32 stages were required.
- Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) is now available as a complement to MSAA and FXAA. It can be turned on and controlled using View.setTemporalAntiAliasingOptions().
- Added texture getters to Skybox and IndirectLight (C++, Java, JavaScript).
- Added APIs to create 3D textures and 2D texture arrays.
- Internal buffers can now be sized at compile times for applications that render very large numbers of objects.
- View.setAmbientOcclusion() is deprecated in favor of View.setAmbientOcclusionOptions (warning: API change).
- Variance Shadow Mapping (VSM) is now available as an alternative to PCF shadows (experimental).
- Fixed translucent views with custom render targets.
- Use "reverse-z" for the depth buffer.
- Added a way to create an Engine asynchronously.
- Highlights are now more stable under depth of field.
- New option to compress highlights before bloom.
- Improvements and fixes to SSAO and DOF.


Filament 1.9.0 (PBR engine)