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Started by jokamatho, June 08, 2020, 01:44:54 PM

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I tried to control an LED matrix with the GeeXLeb matrix library, but unfortunately it didn't work.
act. RASBIAN Buster
GeeXLab v.
Raspberry 4 B 4GB

With the same installation, but replacing the controller with a Raspberry 2 B, it works immediately.

Result of "rgbmatrix_init" is 1, but there are no signals on the GPIO


Thanks for the feedback.

I haven't tested the RGB Led Matrix lib on Raspberry Pi 4 but according your bug-report, I have to update the lib with the latest version that should work with the RPi4.  Added to my todolist  :P


GeeXLab 0.33.0 is available and should support RGB LED Matrix panels on Raspberry Pi 4:


Let me know.


Thank you for the fast reaction. I made everything new. Raspbian from 2020-05-27, GeeXLab v0.33, but unfortunately not a success. With the Pi4, output is only in the viewer, no signals to the GPIO. HZeller software works. Everything works with the Pi2. Maybe you have an idea, thank you.


... some more information:
-current version of Adafruit HAT
-2 pieces of 32x64 RGB LED panels from Adafruit
-rgbmatrix_initialzed = gh_rpi.rgbmatrix_init (32, 4)
- Output script adapted for 64x64

for HZeller
- --led-gpio-mapping = adafruit-hat
- --led-rows = 32
- --led-cols = 64
- --led-chain = 2
- - parallel = 1
- --led-pixel-mapper = U-mapper; Rotate: 180


Now it works fine.
Thank you for your personal work. It is a good job. ;D ;D ;D


I hope you have used the very last version 0.33.1 I released here:

This version fixes some bugs related to GPIO / RGB LED matrix panels...

I also published some videos of RGB LED matrix demos:


Yes I have. Many thanks for the support.  :D :D :D