Author Topic: Getting Started with Filament on Android  (Read 4529 times)

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Getting Started with Filament on Android
« on: April 03, 2020, 07:01:40 PM »
Filament is Google’s open source physically-based renderer. It’s great for when you need to add 3D capabilities to your application without the overhead of an entire game engine.

Filament can be used across a variety of platforms (including iOS and the web), but it is particularly well-suited to Android. It has a fairly small core library that can be loaded quickly, which is essential to creating smooth experiences on mobile devices.

In this post we will walk through the process of creating a simple Android application that displays a glTF 2.0 model like the one above, allowing users to pan and zoom using familiar gestures. The result will be similar to sample-gltf-viewer, which you can find in the Filament repo on GitHub.

- Full article
- Filament @ github