Author Topic: Vulkan Mobile Best Practice: Picking the Most Efficient Load/Store Operations  (Read 1137 times)

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When you set up your render passes in Vulkan you have to set load and store operations. They let you specify what it should be done with your images at the render pass boundaries – discard/clear the contents or keep them in memory.

It may be surprising, especially if you have a background in desktop graphics, that you must specify these operations upfront. They even look like duplicates, since you can still clear the screen at the beginning of your command buffer.

The reason why we need to specify these operations upfront is that it allows for some special optimizations in tile-based GPUs (virtually all mobile GPUs). A load operation is the only chance to clear the screen efficiently on mobile! In order to understand the deceptive importance of this topic we need to start a brief overview of the unique challenges of mobile GPUs.