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Nmap 7.80 released
« on: August 12, 2019, 02:41:15 PM »
Fellow hackers,

I'm here in Las Vegas for Defcon and delighted to release Nmap 7.80.  It's
the first formal Nmap release in more than a year, and I hope you find it
worth the wait!

The main reason for the delay is that we've been working so hard on our
Npcap Windows packet capturing driver.  As many of you know, Windows Nmap
traditionally depended on Winpcap for packet capture.  That is great
software, but it has been discontinued and has seen no updates since 2013.
It doesn't always work on Windows 10, and it depends on long-deprecated
Windows API's that Microsoft could remove at any time.  So we've spent the
last few years building our own Npcap raw packet capturing/sending driver,
starting with Winpcap as the base.  It uses modern APIs and is more
performant as well as more secure and more featureful.  We've had 15 Npcap
releases since Nmap 7.70 and we're really happy with where it is now.  Even
Wireshark switched to Npcap recently.  More details on Npcap can be found

But Windows users aren't the only ones benefiting from this new Nmap
release.  It includes 80+ cross-platform improvements you can read about
below, including 11 new NSE scripts, a bunch of new libraries, bug fixes
and performance improvements.